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January 17, 2019
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Product Detail

Item#: SIC679
Product Name: Syncra SDC 7.0 800-1900GPH Controllable Pump with Wi-Fi Control 16.5ft max head 5 yr warranty
Category: Pumps & Flow*
Subcategory: Pumps
Manufacturer: Sicce

SICCE celebrates the success of the Syncra line with the new SYNCRA Smart DC Pumps to complete our existing range. Better!  Smarter! The new generation SMART SYNCRA DC pumps are equipped with integrated intelligence systems to meet the needs of advanced recirculating applications. With programming freedom, controllability is finally coupled with power, energy efficiency, inline or submersible use, and low heat. Smart technology only Syncra can offer for a wide range of uses.  The pumps are managed by an easy to use practical interface.  Sicce reconfirms its leadership in the recirculating and skimmer pump markets. • SIMPLICITY: easy to use and clean; Sicce rotor technology offers lower maintenance, with easy rotor access when needed  • VERSATILITY: run internal or external; 190° turning pre-chamber allows for horizontal or vertical positioning • QUIET OPERATION: polished, ceramic shaft and bearings with unmatched precision • COOLER RUNNING: proprietary hydraulic design, higher quality materials, and a forced internal recirculation provide less heat transfer Combined with: • Excellent energy efficiency with a near perfect power factor pays for the pump in savings  • New rubber feet are custom designed bumpers to protect from vibration on all sides of the pump, not just the bottom • Automatic power-off switch protects pump if it runs dry • Half the size and power consumption of the Syncra line Syncra 6.0 SDC Voltage:  24V Flow Rate:  400-1600gph Head Pressure:  11.5 feet Inlet/Outlet:  1/1 Max Power Consumption:  18 min to 50W max Dimensions:  5.7 X 3.85 X 3.26 Syncra 7.0 SDC Voltage:  24V Flow Rate:  800-1900gph Head Pressure:  16.5 feet Inlet/Outlet:  1/1 Max Power Consumption:  20 min to 65W max Dimensions:  6.3 X 3.7 X 5.7 Syncra 9.0 SDC Voltage:  24V Flow Rate:  1000-2500gph Head Pressure:  23.0 feet Inlet/Outlet:  1/1 Max Power Consumption:  30 min to 90W max Dimensions:  6.3 X 3.7 X 5.7
Type Use: Fresh & Saltwater
Sugg Price: $342.99
Our Price: $342.99
Special Freight:  



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