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February 16, 2019
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Product Detail

Item#: AG399
Product Name: Silicone Clear 3oz Aquarium Grade
Category: Miscellaneous
Subcategory: Silicone
Manufacturer: Aqueon
The most economical way to fix a small leak without buying a new tank!
100% silicone aquarium sealant is easy to apply and provides a long-lasting waterproof bond.

Permanently flexible and does not crack or shrink
Waterproof seal stops leaks
Same strength silicone used to manufacture new aquariums
Non-toxic for use on fresh water and salt water aquariums
Long-lasting bond is easy to apply.
Clear and black colors available

Directions for use:

Step One: After emptying fish and all water in the aquarium, thoroughly dry the glass. Silicone will not bond to a wet surface. For best results, apply and let sealant cure at room temperature.
Step Two: Clean the area around the leak and carefully remove the old silicone with a single edge razor blade. WARNING! Use caution when handling razor blade. If water is trapped between the glass, you can use a hair dryer to blow the water out with cool air. (Using heat could cause glass to crack.)
Step Three: Thoroughly wipe the area to be sealed with Isopropyl Rubbing Alcohol, and let glass dry completely.
Step Four (for 10oz. caulk): Cut the tube nozzle at a 90 degree angle. The nozzle should be cut wide enough to evenly contact both glass surfaces. Puncture the inner seal at the base of the nozzle. Insert cartridge in a standard caulking gun.
Step Five: For a smooth seal, hold at a 45 degree angle and apply by pushing sealant ahead of the nozzle. Please remember the uncured sealant smells a lot like vinegar, but the odor will disappear when cured.
Step Six: To achieve a final smooth seal, use a flat tool and a dry paper towel to remove excess sealant within five minutes. Any additional excess on the glass can be carefully trimmed after 24 hours, but be sure not to cut into the seal. When finished, recap cartridge immediately. All-Glass 100% silicone aquarium sealant cures in five minutes and fully bonds within 24 hours. To ensure a leak-proof seal, allow at least 48 hours before filling the aquarium with water.
Type Use: Fresh & Saltwater
Sugg Price: $11.99
Our Price: $9.99
Special Freight:  



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