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October 18, 2019
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Title Blue Dot Jawfish

Jacob Buford

Last Updated



This is an article detailing the Blue Dot Jawfish care.

The Blue Dot Jawfish is a colorful saltwater fish boasting bright blue spots against hues of yellow and orange along the entirety of its body. Originally found in tropical waters of the Eastern Pacific (The Gulf of California), the Blue Dot Jawfish is also known as the Bluspotted Jawfish.  

Image result for blue spot jawfish

Blue Dot Jawfish should be kept in a tank no less than 30 gallons, but the more room, the better. There should be a deep, sandy bed if you want to keep these fish as happy as possible. They like to burrow in the sand and hide in the burrows at night, so make sure all rockwork is stable enough to ensure no cave-ins. Each night it will close the burrow's entrance in order to keep itself safe, and each morning it will reopen the burrow to bring light to a new day. 

Some aquarist will help provide an safer, artificial burrow for their Jawfish made of a PVC pipe and a 45 degree elbow. This provides a sound structure that will help protect the Jawfish from structural failures.

Image result for blue spot jawfish

If kept in a reef system, the water parameters should be:

  • Salinity; 1.024-1.025 
  • Temperature; 72-78 degrees
  • pH; 8.1-8.4
  • Alkalinity; 8.2-4.2 meq/l
  • Ammonia; 0
  • Nitrite; 0
  • Calcium; 350-450
  • Magnesium; 1250-1350

Image result for blue spot jawfish

Unfortunately, these fish can be jumpers, though. It would be best if these magnificent fish were kept in aquariums with lids in order to keep them in the tank, happy and healthy.

Image result for blue spot jawfish

The diet of this fish should include a variety of marine fish, crustacean flesh, and mysis shrimp (SF4785). Certain nutrient rich flakes (AL165) or pellets (AL166) can also be in the rotation of foods that are fed.

Having saltwater Activate (AL113) will also help provide a healthy living environment for the fish. Adding this each time you do a water change (10% of the total water volume weekly) helps replinish any benificial bacteria that may have been removed. 

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