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August 11, 2020
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Title Fire Goby

Tanner Crawford

Last Updated



A dartfish with magnificent colors

Fire Goby

Nemateleotris magnifica

The fire goby is a brightly colored dartfish that can be found from the coast of Africa all the way to Hawaii. They are a smaller species that grows to a max size of around 3” and are excellent in groups of three or more due to their social nature. 

The fire goby is a colorful addition to a reef aquarium and has a peaceful temperament. Make sure you provide some good hiding places for this sometimes bashful species and you will see their behavior of “sitting” in one spot of the aquarium in the water flow watching you. 


While they may like to sit and watch you from inside the aquarium, they are known to jump and a lid should be used on rimmed aquariums, and a net cover can be added to rimless tanks (RS2009). They enjoy a mixed diet of Formula Two (ON1004) and Mysis Shrimp (SF478) and Brine Shrimp (ON1033)to keep their vibrant colors. 

Make sure tank mates are selected carefully as they are easy targets for more aggressive tank mates. 


Come and see these beautiful fish and see if they can be your next addition to your tank. 

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