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June 21, 2021
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Coral Profile: Sunset Montipora
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Title Coral Profile: Sunset Montipora

Tanner Crawford

Last Updated



A bright colored SPS that will turn heads to your reef!

Common Name: Sunset Montipora

Scientific Name: Montipora sp.

Image result for sunset montipora

Region found:  Indo-Pacific, Solomon Islands, and Great Barrier Reef

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Care Requirements:

Flow- medium- high

Lighting- medium- high

Depending on the lighting and flow in your tank, the fragment of coral can be mounted to rocks near the sand bed, on main rocks, or to the back wall or return column of your tank. If this coral grows well in your tank, it is an indicator of great conditions and stability in all of the important elements.

Image result for sunset montipora

Food/Nutrients-   They rely heavily on light for zooxanthellae products, but like phytoplankton as supplemental food once a week.

Unique characteristics-

It is important to place this coral somewhere you plan on keeping it for a while as it can spread rapidly once it starts to grow! It will usually lose to other corals stinging it if they grow near it but they will not allow other microflora to grow in the same space.

Image result for sunset montipora

They can even encrust off of rocks into a thin layer of the sand. Here in the shop we have an exquisite example of the Sunset montipora in one of our main display tanks on the back return.


Prefered conditions-

pH- 8.2- 8.4

Temperature- 72-78 F

Salinity 1.024-1.026

dKH 8-128

Image result for sunset montipora

Recommended Items:

These are a few items that can help you succeed with this and many more corals that are available in store. Talk to a sales staff member about your tank and the specific needs of your reef. 


AL581 Magnesium

AL582 Calcium

AL583 Alkalinity 

AL813 Amino Glow

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