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June 21, 2021
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Title Sulawesi Cardinal Shrimp

Sara Waller

Last Updated



A brief description of the Sulawesi cardinal shrimp.


The Sulawesi cardinal shrimp (Caridina dennerli) is a small shrimp native to the Sulawesi region of Indonesia.  Mature shrimp reach an adult size of 1/2 to 1 inch long.  Unlike many other species of dwarf shrimp, Sulawesi cardinal shrimp cannot be visibly sexed as both males and females are equally colorful and exhibit no external physical differences.

The Sulawesi cardinal shrimp should be maintained in an aquarium of 5 gallons or larger.  A planted aquarium containing rocks and a dark carbonate rich substrate (CS8450) makes an ideal habitat.  Floating plants  may be used to diffuse some of the light.

The Sulawesi cardinal shrimp prefers a water temperature of 77°F to 86°F, a pH of 7.4 to 8.4, and a hardness of 6 to 12°H.  Be sure water is clean and well oxygenated.  This preference for hard, warm water sets the Sulawesi cardinal shrimp and its close relatives apart from other more common caridina shrimp species.  A product to increase hardness and provide minerals (SER202) may be needed to achieve the correct water parameters.

The Sulawesi cardinal shrimp is very peaceful and should only be housed with tank mates that will not eat this small shrimp or any fry that may be produced.  Good choices are any of the several species of rabbit snails available in the aquarium trade as they originate from the same areas.


The Sulawesi cardinal shrimp is a detritus and algae eating shrimp.  These small shrimp can be fed by allowing algae to naturally grow in the aquarium and by supplementing with crushed shrimp foods (AZ203, AZ204).


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