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June 18, 2018
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Please take a moment to review our Livestock Trade-In Policy

Fish that are faded, imperfect, wounded, or diseased will receive no Fish Credit if traded in.

Please understand that we offer a livestock trade-in policy as a service to our customers. We must be able to sell the item we offer you credit for at a profit in order to stay in business. We also must protect ourselves from stocking too many of one particular item. This is why all items must be pre-approved before they are brought to the store. We will then evaluate the condition of the livestock item(s) and decide whether it is a healthy specimen(s) that we feel comfortable selling to another customer.

Remember that when someone brings in items to trade to us for Fish Credit, then we become your customer. Please understand that this means we would not purchase anything that you wouldn't purchase. Please read our rules for livestock trade-ins.

1. ALL livestock trade-ins must be pre-approved before you bring them to the store. We ask that you simply call the store and ask if we are able to accept the particular item(s) you are wanting to trade-in.  All livestock trade-ins that are brought to the store without prior approval from Aquarium will only be accepted as a donation or you have the option of taking them back home for a possible future trade-in.

2. Livestock trade-in values are based on approximately 35-50% of what we decide to sell the livestock for at the time of the trade. If you are bringing in large numbers (for example: 15 hatchets or 30 convict cichlids) of livestock to trade, the value may be lower based on what we would pay a supplier, how long we predict it will take us to sell them, and what we decide to sell them for. All transactions will be for Fish Credit only. We do not pay cash for any trade-ins.

3. No Fish Credit will be issued for livestock items we redeem to be in poor condition, faded in color, have imperfections (hole in the head, fin erosion, etc), or are sick.  We may also choose not to accept fish based on size or availability (if we have 30 convict cichlids in stock, we do not need another 30 from a customer.)

4. No Fish Credit will be issued on live coral trade-ins that are brown in color or colorless, coral frags that have not been "grown-in" to their bases, corals with problem algae attached, corals that are imperfect, or species we do not stock due to aggression, poor survivability, or invasiveness.

5. If your fish is accepted for trade-in, you will receive a copy of our trade-in contract that you will have signed.  You must keep this copy to present to us once fish credit has been established - no exceptions!  Fish Credit will be established 2-14 days after fish have been delivered (basically, once fish pass quarantine and are eating/behaving normally).  It is your responsibility to call us about the credit amount and if it has been determined.  Once it has, you will bring your copy of the Credit Sheet to the store and an employee will look up your available Fish Credit.  Fish Credit is only good on livestock (fish, inverts, plants, feeders, or R/O water). 

6. If you choose to have your Fish Credit converted to a Store Credit, which can be applied on all merchandise in the store, then the amount of the Fish Credit will be reduced by 50%.  In other words, the maximum amount of Store Credit you can receive for a livestock trade-in is 25% of the retail value.

Thank you for your cooperation with our livestock trade-in policy.