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January 17, 2019
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Plumbing Listing
An Explanation of the Plumbing
Plumbing fittings are classified using the standard notation described and
illustrated below.

pipe glues into
glues into another fitting
tubing barb
female threads
male threads

Slip fittings are glued to pipe and may have male or female threads on one end. All are classified as "Glue and Thread." Examples: S X S, S X mipt, S X fipt, etc.
All fittings with a barbed end for flexible tubing are classified as "Insert/Barb." Insert fittings may also have a male, female or barb at the other end. Examples: I X I, I X mipt, I X fipt, etc.

Product Name
Item# Price QTY Order
  Tubing 3/8 Per FT Vincon 3/8ID 9/16OD Clear
Plumbing & Tubing Various Mfg.  
5143 0.49
  Tubing 9/16 Per FT Vincon 9/16ID 3/4OD Clea
Plumbing & Tubing Various Mfg.  
5145 0.79
  Tubing 3/4 Per FT Vincon 3/4ID 1OD Clear
Plumbing & Tubing Various Mfg.  
5146 1.19
  Tubing 1 Per FT Vincon 1ID1-1/4OD Clear
Plumbing & Tubing Various Mfg.  
5147 1.49
  Tubing 1/4 IDx1/2od 1/8 wall
Plumbing & Tubing Various Mfg.  
5148 0.79
  Tubing Norprene Per Ft Ozone Safe Black
Plumbing & Tubing Various Mfg.  
5167 0.74
  Tubing 1-1/4 Per FT Vincon 1-1/4ID 1-5/8OD Clear
Plumbing & Tubing Various Mfg.  
5232 2.99
  Tubing 1-1/2 Per FT Vincon 1-1/2ID 1-7/8OD Clear
Plumbing & Tubing Various Mfg.  
5233 3.49
  1-1/4 Non-Kink Hose 2ft
EP129 •SALE• 13.99
  1-1/4 Non-Kink Hose 3ft
EP130 •SALE• 15.99
  1-1/4 Non-Kink Hose 4ft
EP131 •SALE• 16.99
  1-1/4 Non-Kink Hose 6ft
EP132 •SALE• 21.99
  Non Kink Laguna Tubing 1/2
HA7237 1.89
  Non Kink Laguna Tubing 3/4
HA7238 2.29
  Non Kink Laguna Tubing 1
HA7239 2.99
  Non Kink Laguna Tubing 1-1/4
HA7240 3.99
  Non Kink Laguna Tubing 2*
HA7300 5.99
  Non Kink Laguna Tubing 1-1/2
HA7500 4.49

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