Parrot’s Feather: A Thriving Pond Addition

Ever wonder what your pond is lacking? Perhaps it missing the benefits of live plants! At Tennessee Water Gardens, we have a large selection of live plants including the Parrot Feather! A native plant from South America, Myriophyllum aquaticum is a flourishing plant available in the pond section of Aquarium.

Some of the great benefits of this plant are the fast growing nature of the plant in ponds in the hot, humid Tennessee weather. The parrot feather aids in the aeration of the pond for the fish to receive enough oxygen while also dispelling harmful impurities in the water. More than a hardy plant for the pond, parrot feather goes above and beyond aesthetically, having a green hue and a distinct feather-like pattern. With the ability to grow five inches above the water and multiply quickly, it is a great addition to provide cover for goldfish or koi and fill space in your pond.

Come visit us soon to pick up Parrot feather for your pond today! When used in conjunction with other pond products such as Water Garden Cleaner and Barley Extract, your pond can achieve natural balance and help your fish and plants be the happy and healthy.

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